Adventures in spell slinging, Cartography and the Emperium.

30th Heathfire

Though I must admit I’ve often shunned the use of magic personally I’ve learned in my short stay in Skyrim that magic is by all standards the great equalizer. Crossbows be damned a good bolt spell is all you need to blow away any crypt stalking skeleton, highway robber or back stabbing trader. I was recalling the other day how the Jarl of Whiterun’s court mage had originally tried to persuade me to learn the arcane arts claming they would be of infinite value to one of my talents. Well after almost a month in this treacherous land and the prompting of my traveling companion Elidamir (follower of Meilra ). I’ve finally taken the Jarl’s mage up on his offer and learned of the ways of harnesing magica, alchemy and enchanting.

Though Im learning allot just by using the skills he taught me and from the teutilage of my traveling companion. Ive decided To look up the college of magic in Winterhold as I’m told that they can show me many more wonders of magic that even I have yet to behold. I also must say that Ill be looking out more for various components for alchemy and enchanting… I can’t honestly believe it i’ve been delving in dungeons and picking chests for ages to get just a sip of potion or a single magic cloth to my name just to sell at a modest profit and never realized that I could have been making them all this time. Eli as I’ve come to call my companion warns me that it’s not as easy as it seems, but this time i’v seen all the angles… were gonna be rich…. well I’m going to be rich any way. I’ve already begun to spruce up my home in White run with book shelves and a real alchemy lab, I’ve been told that the best mages rely on knowledge and not power but I’m certain its 50/50…. I mean if you want to swing the axe you need a strong arm… knowing where to swing it only gets you so far…  

Enough rambling and magic talk. We arived in in Winterhold two days ago as I write from the meager desk in our acomodations at the Mage’s college, our initial impression was less than amazement…. the local trade economy has been hit hard by the war and by the most fantastical happening of all! years ago apparantly there was a rumble from the colledge and half the city fell into the sea! there are naught but a score of buildings left untouched… luckilly the tavern and inn was one of these so we were able to trade some of the goods we’ve collected in our travels for a hearty meal and board for a few days. It’s nice to let some of the weight off our packs but I’m hoping to preserve sufficient supplies to make the trek back to Whiterun on foot whilst doing some modest treking across the mountain chains leading back to Hjaalmarch.

Regardless of future plans we arived set our selves up at the inn and soon met our first lead on the college. Who though knowlegable seemed a bit gruff and foreboding. We set on our path to the edge of town where a great span of stone bridges no less than two leagues of open air to the midden attop wich the keep of the college of Winterhold sits.

Once in side Master-Wizard Mirabelle welcomed us as guests, and upon discerning the reason of our arival set us up in apprentice quarters and soon brought us to our first tutorial by Toldir the prime tutor of the college, which though interesting was not my thing, I fear Bolt may be the future extent of my magical prowess (unless otherwise warranted by necessity and or proffit margins). I was also met by a most unsettling character… Ancano  The most interesting and encompasing feature of our stay was no doubt the expedition… had we only known the evils that would be set into motion.

We were quested with meeting at a dig site of a ruin named in texts as Sahall….




Horker Hunting, glacier climbing and of sunken treasures!

22nd Heathfire

I and the follower of Mirel I recruited in my previous entry set across the frozen coast of the sea of ghosts at dawn. Setting off early with but bile in our stomaches may have been a tad harsh for my wizardly kin, however I assured him that it will only lend frevor our resolve to take down the first large predator that tries to make a hasty lunch of us.

Momentarilly I was proven correct as we were attacked by a great tri tusked horker as I surveyed a curious looking door looking for shelter from a strong gust of westerly wind. We wer so suprised by the beast that we narry had time to prepare our defense before it was upon us. Alass its resolve was the weaker fore with a mighty bellow of fire breath I was able to stun the beast for a quick kill from my companion’s mace. I tell you the finest bacon in all the provinces could not match the greasily suculent horker meat.

As an aside I hope theres a market for these tusks by my count if we run into many more we may beable to pave the remainder of our way to Winterhelm in ivory.

Allong our way and after dispaching several more of the massive mobile delicacies we came upon a great mountain of ice floating not 30 feet from the shore. Hopping gingerly from ice floe to ice floe we made our way as toads to the base of the frosty island. As has been born out of my many enteries prior to this there is no mountain I might not ascend thus I began to conquor this great titan. Twas a messy ascent and should I ever make it back to the hearty rock of the planes I shant ever complain of their unyielding nature again. Fore no sooner did I reach the tip of the apex as the tread granting snow beneath my feet crumbled and left me alloft to tumble 20 some feet into icy depths of liquid ice.

As I lay there in the water stunned by the freezing waters seeping along my skin like fire under my robes and armor; what should i see but a gargantuan ship cleft in two, defeated no doubt by the same icy point as I had thought to master only moments ago. As my faithfull kin used his magic and trusty staff to hoist me from the water and begin to mend what I can only assume was the onset of frost bite, I whispered to him. “Sunken treasures lie in the depths to be had”; and alass it was the last i spoke for hours as I slipped into a hypothermia laced sleep for the next several hours.

Ice conqueror and finder of sunken treasures:

Carvin Marvin.

To Whom-ever may find this journal:

This is the journal of I Karv-Marv’nital (Carvin Marvin) explorer, sell-sword and some might say ner-do-well. In these pages that follow you will find all manner of account collected from my time in Skyrim. I do hope you find these tails as enthralling as they are informative. Some of the accounts I’m sure may seem larger than life however I assure you of their validity and forthrightness as I have never bent the truth in ink as others may assuredly tell you I have in word.

Of my times before I came to Skyrim I can tell you they were… Interesting… or perhaps of interest to some… to their dismay or delight as the case may be. I was a middle man and greaser of palms in Dagerfall… I would say facilitator of trade. Yes the goods and coin I might trade you were of dubious value or origin but those I traded with were seldom ones to care or take otice of such irregularities. I admit liberated goods were my forte and on the side I would search for treasure both in the country side and in the bottoms of many tankards of ale and wine at the variety of taverns about the city. Many a fight I avoided by ensuring my enemies found their own knives not in their sheathes but in their backs.

Alass the good days are over all because my partner got greedy and though a connected man is considdered untouchable in Dagerfall alass my blade is not known for it’s considderate nature…especially after a few ales and a day of swindling; and so I found my sellf on the run from the local authorities both legitimate and all so verry illegitimate as to call in to question the identities of their fathers.

by night I found my way with but the cloths on my back and my bloodstained blade at my hip, through forest and foot hill to the borders of Skyrim where my foot and eye had never been set. It was as I looked over the pass leading on the final leg of my journey into this nordic heart land that I was seized as a bandit by a local patroll and sent to this heartless and comfortless cell in which I write this letter….  I hear i’m to be executed tomorrow, assumed to be the murderer in a crime I did not commit; I regret now not bringing a change of cloths as the blood of my erstwhile partner managed to liberally apply itsellf to much of my aparell. Sigh the things I would do differently were I to have but one more chance to do it all over again.

Despiratly yours Carvin Marvin

PS: If you find this on my dead body feel free to present my head in Daggerfall for a tidy reward… perhaps as much as 1000 sovereigns. Tell them I sent you… I’m certain someone will be amused.