This is the journal of I Karv-Marv’nital (Carvin Marvin) explorer, sell-sword and some might say ner-do-well. In these pages that follow you will find all manner of account collected from my time in Skyrim. I do hope you find these tails as enthralling as they are informative. Some of the accounts I’m sure may seem larger than life however I assure you of their validity and forthrightness as I have never bent the truth in ink as others may assuredly tell you I have in word.

Of my times before I came to Skyrim I can tell you they were… Interesting… or perhaps of interest to some… to their dismay or delight as the case may be. I was a middle man and greaser of palms in Dagerfall… I would say facilitator of trade. Yes the goods and coin I might trade you were of dubious value or origin but those I traded with were seldom ones to care or take otice of such irregularities. I admit liberated goods were my forte and on the side I would search for treasure both in the country side and in the bottoms of many tankards of ale and wine at the variety of taverns about the city. Many a fight I avoided by ensuring my enemies found their own knives not in their sheathes but in their backs.

Alass the good days are over all because my partner got greedy and though a connected man is considdered untouchable in Dagerfall alass my blade is not known for it’s considderate nature…especially after a few ales and a day of swindling; and so I found my sellf on the run from the local authorities both legitimate and all so verry illegitimate as to call in to question the identities of their fathers.

by night I found my way with but the cloths on my back and my bloodstained blade at my hip, through forest and foot hill to the borders of Skyrim where my foot and eye had never been set. It was as I looked over the pass leading on the final leg of my journey into this nordic heart land that I was seized as a bandit by a local patroll and sent to this heartless and comfortless cell in which I write this letter….  I hear i’m to be executed tomorrow, assumed to be the murderer in a crime I did not commit; I regret now not bringing a change of cloths as the blood of my erstwhile partner managed to liberally apply itsellf to much of my aparell. Sigh the things I would do differently were I to have but one more chance to do it all over again.

Despiratly yours Carvin Marvin

PS: If you find this on my dead body feel free to present my head in Daggerfall for a tidy reward… perhaps as much as 1000 sovereigns. Tell them I sent you… I’m certain someone will be amused.